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Rick Harris draws on an extensive background of performance and education in both classical and jazz styles. Rick’s teaching methodology assures a thorough foundation while tailoring music lessons to each individual students  requirements. Rick’s experience, knowledge & understanding greatly strengthen the musical education of each student.

The Rick Harris Music Studio provides one-on-one instruction for flute, clarinet and saxophone in both classical & jazz styles. The basic course of study is primarily a classical approach while incorporating supplementary jazz styles and improvisation instruction. If a student has a strong foundation on their instrument, jazz style & improvisation can be the focus of the lessons.

Musical skills addressed in lessons:
† Technical Proficiency
† Intonation
† Reading Skills
† Classical Style & Interpretation
† Jazz Styles & Improvisation
† Aural Development “Playing by Ear”
† Efficient & Organized Practice Routine
† Preparation for Music Festivals
† Coaching of School Band Music

Rick is also available for clinics, workshops and sectionals in both classical & jazz styles. He has a jazz improvisation informative demonstration prepared that takes under an hour which will be provided free of charge to any school band in Regina.

Enhance your musical education with the experience, knowledge & understanding only qualified instruction can offer.