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Rick Harris Jazz Services offer the best jazz groups in Regina.    The Rick Harris jazz duo consists of Rick playing flute, clarinet & saxophone accompanied by guitar or piano. A bass is added for the trio and drums fill out the full quartet. Solo performances are accompanied with incredible sounding computer generated backing tracks.

These are all primarily acoustic groups performing a very accessible style of mainstream jazz and amplification is used only when absolutely necessary.

The Rick Harris “Little Big Band” is a seven-piece group consisting of trumpet, trombone, two saxophones, piano, bass & drums.    A female jazz vocalist is also available.   This group performs jazz standards and big band music from the swing era. Our library also included cha-chas, waltzes, pop, rock & more. If you are looking for a dance band with a big band sound, this group is the perfect choice.

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Rick Harris Jazz Groups can successfully perform for:

† Office Parties
† Convention & Conferences
† Wedding Receptions & Rehearsal Dinners
† Art Openings & Shows
† Business Luncheons
†Awards & Presentations
† Fine Dining Restaurants
† Nightclubs & Cafes

Let the jazz sounds of Rick Harris “Create The Mood”. We can tailor the character of the jazz to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a subtle, light jazz for ambiance or romantic elegance or exciting hot jazz to liven up your event; we deliver!!

*** New jazz service now available!    Jazz Anywhere - Mobile Self Powered Performance station allows Jazz outdoors such as in a park or any location where no electrical outlets are available.

Contact me to find out how easy and inexpensive live jazz can be!